Monday, October 31, 2011

Britain & Ireland Next Top Model LIVE 2011 Show

Hello my Funky Readers,

I'm sorry I've disappeared again. The thing is, when I get overwhelmed with stuff (schoolwork in this instance), I shut everything out and unfortunately my blogs are the first ones to go. Although this time, even Facebook didn't see me as often.... and that is pretty bad! I guess that's a side effect from 8 weeks long classes.

Anyways, yesterday two of my friends and I went to BINTM Live event. I didn't really know what to expect, but we figured why not! So off we went! :) I even have photos of me NOT wearing kimono. The event was fun, although I felt that it was just a glorified shopping event instead of Next Top Model event. The closest we got to the contestants was during the live catwalk show, which I enjoyed a lot. Other than that, Next Top Model was just used for the name. Still, I will most likely go back there next year.

Shoes are by Irregular Choice of course.

I decided to go a little more daring with the polka dot leggings, although it didn't turn out as daring as I thought! That should teach me to wear more fun things in the future :)

We got to try on designer dresses for free from, and had out photos taken by their photographer. This is the photo that I took with my phone, hence the socks! :P Hopefully I'll get better photos from the photographer soon! :)

The winner of 2011 season

Did any of you go?

~ Lyuba