Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wanna see my new business card?

Hello Everyone,

Few days ago I got an email from Jen at Beauty Junkie in London letting me know that I've won a ticket to HPMSocial hosted by HandpickedMedia. I literally went OMFG because I never ever EVER win anything! Well, now I can't say that, can I? :) And since I keep missing The Only Way is Blogging, this would be my first ever blogger event, and I would say in typical Lyuba fashion, I always end up with something big for my first time.

Anyways, I figured this was a good enough reason to get off my lazy behind and order myself some new business cards. The thing is, I have more two blogs than I care to update that I update fairly regularly, and consider them my main blogs. One of them is FunkyMakeupJunkie, another is my StrawberryKimono blog. I have a business card for StrawberryKimono which I give out to people I meet when I'm dressed in kimono, or just when I meet someone interesting. The problem with this business card, is that it doesn't list my other blog. And quite frankly, I can't be bothered to carry any more business cards (I also have one for Kimono de Jack, and one for cosplay that I take to conventions), so for a while I was entertaining the idea of combining the information from both blogs on one business card. Maybe that's not a very business savvy decision, but I can't separate myself from makeup and kimono, both of those things define me in equal way. Plus the contact information is still the same.

So here it is, my new business card!

I'm pretty happy with the design :) It matches my header, and I'm wearing a kimono in that photo. Of course, I wish I could have THIS design, but due to time difference between US & UK, my friend didn't suggest the idea until AFTER I placed the order. Guess now I have to give these out as much as I can, so I can order business cards with Mittens in them :)

Do you have a business card for your blog? Do you think they are even needed?

~ Lyuba