Monday, November 7, 2011

I love my kitties!

Hello Everyone,

I haven't spoken about my kitties in a while and I think it's time to fix the problem . Over the past few month I got a lot of new photos, so are you ready for some UBER CUTENES?! :)

Look at those PAWS! :)

Echo always finds the best spots to sleep.

They get to go outside in the backyard.

Mittens looking all prim and proper.

I'm telling you, best spot to sleep at!

Echo doesn't need much, just some strategically placed scratches.


Mittens always likes to cuddle.

She loves the underwear drawer, or any drawer for that matter. One time Mr. Funky actually closed the drawer with her in it because he didn't notice she was there, and I only found her after several hours and after I started hearing some meowing.

Hanging out with me :)

My toy!!! MINE!

Mommy, get back to taking those photos!

Life sucks.

You know you want to pet my belly right? Right? (I got the claws ready too)

If there is a box around, Echo will get in it.

Oh there is not space on the couch? It's ok, I'll just fit in there! :)

Hehe, it's even cute when I have both of them sleeping on top of me :)

Mittens protecting her new toy.

Do you have any pets? I would love to see photos! :)

~ Lyuba