Monday, November 14, 2011

REVIEW: the Balm Balms Away Eye Makeup Break-Up

Hello my Funky Readers,

My mom works at TJMaxx (US equivalent of TKMaxx) and she knows to be on lookout for interesting makeup for me (and hats, and scarves, and clothes, and pretty much everything and anything). The moment she mentioned that there was the Balm cosmetics for sale, I told her that I WANT IT and she set out to fight the crazy TJMaxx crowds in order to get me some.

One of the things that she sent me was this Balms Away Eye Makeup remover. I actually didn't know what's the heck it was when I first saw it, but I was still super excited about the tin container. I know, silly me.

What they say: 
Read the instructions on the back, there is no other info on the website either. 

What I say: 
It literally took me over 2 weeks to work up the courage to use this because it looked just like vaseline! And because I was afraid that it will get into my eyes. I'm funny like that about my eyes because I'm crazily afraid of anything getting into them.

So when I finally worked up the courage, I was pleasantly surprised that it actually works! It even works with the waterproof mascara (I tried it on Tarte Light, Camera, Splashes mascara), and I would even say it works better on mascara than other eye makeup removers I tried. Normally, I have a little bit of mascara left anyway, but Balms Away removes mascara like a champ.

I am not that impressed with the application method. It tells to apply a little to the closed eye and leave it for 30 seconds to work it's magic. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with these directions because I do the same with any other eye makeup remover, but unlike other eye makeup removers, this one stays on the eye! So I have to open my eyes even a little in order to get a cotton pad, and as I've mentioned before I'm afraid of getting anything into my eyes so I don't like opening my eyes with the coat of petroleum-jelly-substance-type-thing on them. Instead I do one eye at the time, which makes the eye makeup removing time double. And I hate makeup removing time to begin with, so making it double doesn't help with me liking a product.

I also don't really care for the mess it makes on my fingers, especially when I have lots of eye makeup on! Dirty fingers is another pet peeve of mine. Finally, it feels just a tad bit "dry" when I finally use cotton pads, but it could be because I'm used to using liquid eye makeup remover.

Of course the price is a big consideration too. For $20 you get 64g of product, but $20 is a lot of money (for me) to spend on the eye makeup remover! Thankfully it wasn't that much at TJMaxx, but who knows if it ever ends up there again?

Overall, it is a good product, just not for me. Because of my pet peeves I can't truly appreciate it's greatness, but if you're not afraid of dirty fingers and a little bit of product in your eyes, then try it! I think you will be impressed the same way I was.

~ Lyuba