Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sleek Caribbean Curacao Love #4 Oh So Green

Hello My Funky Readers,

Today I have a pretty simple look using the one and only Sleek Caribbean Curacao palette. I simply love this palette, and that's all to it! :) After I got tired playing with mattes, I decided to take a break and use the shimmering shades from the palette, Green Martini and Green Iguana. They are still not for the fainthearted because they are bright, but when did that ever stop me? :P

Oh the shimmering greatness, how I missed you! My brows look funky because I was practicing the flapper look yet again. It seems like I never give up, because the next 2 or 3 look will also be flapper inspired just to warn you.

Martini on the lid, Iguana right above it.

What do you think?

~ Lyuba