Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 2011 Empties

Hello Everyone,

I've had a decent month for empties, although most of these products are not that hard to use up.

1. L'Oreal Absolute Eye and Lip Make- up remover - It does its job, and I will probably buy it again (when there is a sale on it ;P).

2. Simple Radiance Brightening Eye Cream - Simple is my favorite skincare range, and I will always come back to it. I liked this cream, but as I always say I didn't really notice much difference in my skin. Maybe my skin is in good condition, and that's why I don't see any changes (yay for me). I do appreciate that it doesn't have any alcohol and scent free, especially after some other stuff I've tried.

3. Sally Hansen Vita-B Lip Moisturizer - I love this stuff! It moisturizes extremely well, and the packaging is so much cuter than the regular balm. I've bought several others from this line, and I will keep buying it.

4. Boots Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub - Can I say I HATED the smell? But my husband liked it, so go figure. I think it's an ok scrub, but I will stay away because I can't stand the smell. To me it's just too nasty.

5. Radox Shower Smoothies Spirit Booster - it's pretty hard to get a shower stuff wrong, and this shower smoothie is no exception. It does smell good enough to drink (and the tube has a big warning not to drink it lol), it lathers well and it cleans well. I will buy it again in a heartbeat.

6. elf Complexion Perfection powder - it's very similar to Rimmel's powder, and I liked it. I'm not sure I will bother with buying it again (or ordering anything else from US elf's website), because it takes so LONG to get to me. I'm a patient person, but waiting almost 2 month kills the excitement even in me.

7. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush - oh Batiste, you are still my love. I don't know how many bottles of this stuff I've used up now, but this is my first one in this huge size. I love it and will buy it again and again!

8. Aussie Take the Heat Shampoo - it's my 2nd bottle of this shampoo, and I love it enough to buy again.

9. Clinique Clarifying Lotion for Combination Oily skin - this crap deserves its own photo (ok, I just forgot to include it , so had to run back and add to photos). I've bought it in a neat little gift set, figuring it's a good way to try some Clinique without spending a lot of money. I had high hopes for it... now I will never buy it again.

This is supposed to be a step 2 in Clinique's famous 3 Step System, which is "comfortable, non-drying exfoliator that helps create clear, glowing skin". I'm not quite sure what it's supposed to exfoliate, but even my skin felt noticeably drier and tighter. I'm convinced that it's main purpose is to completely get rid or ANY kind of oil on skin! I get that it's for combination oily skin, and guess supposed to control oiliness but I'm scared to even imaging how their stuff for an actual oily skin feels like! Also, as all Clinique stuff, this is 100% fragrance free. What they neglect to tell you, is that while it doesn't have any typical smells, it is full of alcohol! To the point that it REEKS of it. The smell of alcohol is overwhelming, and pretty nasty. Just because my skin is a trooper and nothing gets to it, doesn't mean I want to use cleansers full of alcohol on it. After using this, I appreciate Simple stuff just that much more.

10 & 11. No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara in 01 Black & 02 Brown/Black - I actually forgot I've finished these a while back, but they were hiding in one of my storage cups. I like these mascara, but I think for a drugstore they are a little on a pricey side. I will buy again with one of Boots No7 vouchers though.

12. Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Navy - oh the memories! This was one of my first felt tip eyeliners, and pretty much what started my love with them. Sadly this one completely dried up, and I found out about it while trying to use it. Although it is not surprising, because I've had it for almost a year. Sadly, Eyeko completely revamped its brand image and products, so I don't think these are available to buy anymore. While I'm sad a little, there are plenty of other felt tip eyeliners to try and I won't miss these much.

13. Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara - this was a mini size mascara in one of the Tarte gift sets, and I love it! I just bought a full size version of non-waterproof one.

14. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - another sample size that came with one of the palettes I have. I have a striking suspicion that there are more primer left, but I can't be bothered with trying to cut the bottle open and depot. Plus, I don't have any appropriate containers, it's going to dry up fast, and I just bought a full size primer. Other than the bottle, this primer is great.

15. Benefit PosieTint - (seriously, I keep forgetting stuff! This is the 4rd time I'm editing this post LOL. Well, this is the last staggler, I promise) this is a 4ml size that came with one of the magazines during summer,  and I quite like the size because it means I can actually get though it! I like the natural rosy flush PosieTint gives me, and you can see it pretty often in my FOTD. I'm glad I got to try it, but I won't be buying the full size because I don't love it THAT much to spend the amount of money it costs.

Have you used any of the stuff I listed?

~ Lyuba


  1. A good while ago, my mum got a sample-sized Urban Decay Primer, to which she thought she'd run out of, so for her birthday in 2010, I bought her a Too Faced one, purely because I knew that the UD ones were a nightmare to get product out of. Thirteen months later, and having taken out the plastic bit around the bottle lip, and she is STILL using her UD Primer!! Crazy stuff! And she's not even opened the Too Faced one ;)

  2. Huh that's a good idea. Maybe I should try to do that too, although I have no idea how LOL.

  3. It takes a bit of twisting, and you might need to use some tweezers, but it eventually pulls out. It's not necessarily easy, but easier than using a saw to depot it, which I don't fancy doing either haha :)

  4. A lot of empty bottles)
    I've ordered some brushes on ELF website. I hope they will arrive as soon as other parcels from UK. I don't want to wait so long((

  5. I don't think you have to wait long. I send packages to Ukraine from UK all the time, and it usually takes around 1-2 weeks :) My parcels take long to arrive because they are coming from USA to "USA" address, and ELF uses Fedex intead of USPS. If they used just regular US mail (USPS) it would be with me in 2 weeks, but Fedex takes it's sweet time! :(

    I have their brushes too, and they are pretty good. I'm thinking of getting more from the mineral line, they are my fav.

  6. I gotta try it lol, good thing it's still in a recycling bag and not in the actual garbage. I'll let you know how it goes :)

  7. Wow that's a lot, good sense of achievement there!

  8. !!! I have had a half bottle of the full-size Clinique Clarifying lotion on my shelves for like 5 years or something (I actually really loved the samples of it i'd had as a teen when my skin was hella oily). Maybe I've had it even longer. It was expensive so I don't want to throw it away, but I agree - it's awful! Alcohol is not good for your skin Clinique, you idiots!

  9. I'm amazed by how good you are at finishing things! I wish I could finish that much :) Here's hoping I finish more for December! Good luck!!!

  10. Mine wasn't that expensive, but I think it's because it was on some kind of special since it was a small gift box, and I also didn't want to throw it away because it was cleaning... kinda...and not hurting my skin. I think you should throw it away now though, 5 years? That's a good excuse! :P :P

  11. Thank you! I'm cheering for you too :) Just put your mind to using 1 thing at a time until it's done, that should help. And don't open anything else. :) :) :) (Oh I know it's harder done than said).

  12. Ukraine post is much more better then our one((

  13. А можно я на русском?)

    Как много всего закончилось! Израсходовать такое количество - ударный труд)

    Чем тебе нравится бальзам от Салли? С чем его сравниваешь? У нас такого я не видела, но вдруг буду в ваших краях)

    На UD давно облизываюсь. Но пока в закромах есть 2 хороших базы, заказывать ее не буду.

    Заинтересовали шампунь с кенгуренком и сухой шампунь. Напишешь пост о них?

    П.С. - ушла читать о туши Tarte)

  14. Конечно можно и даже нужно! :) Я думаю что напишу про бальзамы от Салли целый отлельнтй пост, но вкратце: увлажняет, остается долго, и пахнет хорошо :) Кстати, в Англии я его в продаже не видела, но я могу его покупать на нашей американской базе. Он похож на накоторые бальзамы которые я купила в Украине, но к сожалению у меня только одна фотка сохранилась, т.к. остальные были израсходаваны до того как я начала свой блог.

    UDPP ето ВЕШь! У меня есть еше 2 маленкие бутылочки, из их палеток, но несколько дней назад купила себе полний размер.

    Про сухой шампунь обязательно напишу, я без них теперь жить не могу :)

  15. Я еще твой блог не изучала, но посмотрю весь на досуге)

    Не соблазняй меня, пожалуйста, на UD! Я и так еле себя сдерживаю). У меня есть 2 базы от Artdeco и Too Faced (мысленно повторила себя 15 раз)

  16. Спасибо :) Хорошо не буду :) :)

    А я вот на Too Faced все намыливаюсь... да никак. Везде где читаю отзывы, они почти одинаковые только Тоо Faced вроде бы немного жидче чем UD. Про ArtDecon не слышала, да и не много о ней пишут в Англиских блогах. Только и узнала про нее из Русских, а потом зашла в один наш магазин и увидела что и у нас тут продается!

  17. Ух ты, сколько всего закончилось!
    Люба, я с лосьоном Clinique тоже не особо подружилась, пока отставила... слишком сильное раздражение кожи после него, хотя использовала так как и советовали консультанты, протирала кожу очень легкими движениями...

  18. Спасибо :) Да, етот лосьон просто кошмарный! У меня слава Богу кожа просто нормальная, реакций пока ни на что не было. Я даже представить себе не могу что случится с теми, у кого кожа чувствительная.. . Мне кажется ето все из-за спирта, лосьон им просто напичкан! Аж обидно.

    Я его закончила просто из-за упрямства, чтобы больше его не было!