Sunday, September 18, 2011

I knew this would happen the moment I did it.

Hello Everyone,

So I've did it. I unsubscribed from GlossyBox and BirchBox. Of course, I knew that the moment I did it GlossyBox would have something amazing in their September box an they sure do. The product I've been wanting to try for the longest time, HD Brow Kit. Of course! Are they trying to rub it in for all those people who unsubscribed because of the additional shipping charge? If that's the case, it's working.

But here is the thing. I'm a redhead, and I need a very specific brow shade and GlossyBox even admitted on Twitter that all products are mailed out on random, so most likely the shades I got would be totally wrong for me anyway. And I haven't been able to access my beauty profile at all since I filled it out back in May, to check and make sure that my tastes didn't change. That's not cool, not cool at all. The issue of price is a big one for me too. As you may or may not know, I don't get paid in pounds. I get paid in dollars! Ok, I don't get paid at all since I'm an unemployed student, so it double hurts. 

And simple conversion will show that 12.95 British Pounds = 20.44805 U.S. Dollars. Freaking $20!!!! I can deal with $16-17 of what it was before, and sure $20 is not that much more but it's a principle now! These boxes are supposed to be a convenient and affordable way to try samples, but $20 is not affordable anymore for me. I'm sure if I had a job then I would think differently, but right now I can't afford to throw away $20 on something that might not even work for me. And most products from GlossyBox don't. At this point some of you might say that GlossyBox been pretty good at including one full size product in every box, and kudos to them for doing that but see the above argument. What if the product doesn't work? Product that I don't care for, like those nail wraps I got in August. Hm.... GlossyBox, if you had actually followed my beauty profile, you would have noticed that I didn't want any products that had to do with nails because I don't really have any nails to apply those products!!! My nails are short naturally, and I can't keep them long because they are very thin so putting any kind of nail wraps on will only draw attention to that.

Anyway, enough of a rant about my nails. I've mostly gotten GlossyBox because it was a fun surprise every month, and I loved waiting for it. Hoping that I would like most of the products that I otherwise would not buy. But when it turns out to be $20 every month for products I won't use, that's a little too much.

I've also unsubscribed from the BirchBox, not really because of the price ("true" $10 I can stomach) but because the last two boxes I've gotten just left me feeling MEH..... The samples were super tiny, plus I got the stupid nail wraps again (and I CAN update my beauty profile on BirchBox) and there were only 4 samples instead of usual 5 for GlossyBox. At least the are not raising the shipping, so I might come back to them at some point in the future.

And their customer service is very good. My August box took a month to arrive, but I held off emailing them because I knew that APO mail can take longer. Finally, after a month I did email and got a response the next day saying that they will mail out the replacement for me. Of course, that same day I got my box, and I frantically emailed them back asking not to mail anything to me. Turned out they already did (they sure do work fast), and I was told to enjoy both of my boxes. I actually got my 2nd August box the same day I got my September one, but even then the contents were pretty disappointing. I know that $10 is not much, but the products included just were not worth it for me the price tag I paid. It's not really the money, but the disappointment.

At this point most of you are probably screaming at me to get some photos up, but I'm pretty upset right now (not a good day of reasons other than beauty boxes) so I really don't want to deal with photos. If I feel better, I'll add photos to illustrate my point. If not, just google the content of the boxes and see what I mean for yourself.


P.S. On the bright side, I ordered the new limited edition palette from Sleek. The one that is available exclusively on their website. It better not arrive smashed!