Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Current Obsessiong: Tarte Rise & Shine Lip Gloss and Stain in Nude

Hello Ladies,

For the past few days I've been obsessing over one product that I neglected since Christmas... and that would be Tarte Rise & Shine Lip Gloss and Stain in Nude. I actually got it as a gift from my brother, and it was part of Sephora's special Tarte gift set. It is not for sale there anymore unfortunately, because I think it was truly a great value. If you want to see the photos of this gift set, check out my holiday haul post. :)

Well I have to admit that I neglected this gloss/stain duo for the longest time because of how brown it looked. I never used brown lip anything before, and I was a little scared to try it! All I can say is that I should have tried it earlier.

Here is what they say:
Tarte's Rise & Shine Lip Gloss and Stain gel-based tint gives lips a long-lasting glow that stays all day coupled with a lip-enhancing gloss that gives the appearance of fuller lips naturally. The result is a pout that's pretty and polished. Even after gloss wears away the lip tint remains. Perfect for women who are frustrated with lip products that don't last, Tarte's Rise & Shine's natural lip tint stays on all day, and since its alcohol free it is completely non-drying! The smooth lip gloss adds a lustrous finish that give the appearance of fuller lips, naturally. Skinvigorating ingredients: Tarte's T5 Super Fruit Complex: a proprietary blend of the five most active super fruits (goji, acai, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate) loaded with naturally occurring, antioxidant rich nutrients and vitamins that have been known to deliver refining, anti-aging and skin-restorative benefits with each application.

  • Paraben free

  • Phthalate free

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate free

  • Petrolatum free

  • Synthetic fragrance free

  • Synthetic dye free

  • No Animal testing

    Put on Lip Tint the same way you would gloss staying within your natural lipline. Wait about 15 seconds for it to set, and then apply gloss. Reapply gloss throughout the day as needed. 

  • Here is what I say: 
    OMG that thing costs $21 by itself!!!!! I knew Tarte was expensive, but I honestly didn't expect for Rise&Shine Lip Gloss and Stain to cost almost, if not half the price of the whole gift set (I believe the gift set was either $44 or $49). This is not a product I would routinely purchase and for me it is firmly in the luxury category. And the thing is, what I got with the set IS a full size product, I checked. That said, I'm very happy that my brother got this for me as a gift because otherwise I would have (probably) never bought it myself.

    As I said before, I avoided trying this because of how brown the stain looked, but recently I've been using a lot of lip stains so I decided to give it a go. And I love it. I never imagined that brown would look so good on me, being all pale and stuff, but it sure did. Maybe it is because the brown is not THAT brown, and looks more natural? Who knows, but one thing for sure is that now I want to try more brown lip products.

    On one side is the stain, on the other is the gloss, so this part is pretty standard. Apply lip stain, wait for it to dry then apply lip gloss. Also pretty standard. Both are called Nude, but don't be fooled by how dark the stain looks. It goes on very natural, enhancing your natural lip color with a slight brown tint.

    The downside of the stain is that it is very liquidy, so the color goes on patchy and hard to layer. And don't even think about commuting the ultimate lip stain sin, aka forgetting to exfoliate your lips (like I did here). This stain will pick it up in a heart beat and expose all the dry bits on your lips. While it's at it, it will also dry out your lips pretty bad, and that's where the gloss comes in to cover up the dryness and give your lips some OOOOMPH!

    See how much better it looks? Outside in the sunlight it is even shinier. Oh, and I had no idea but apparently this lip gloss is plumping too? Because I felt a slight tingling on my lips, and some of the reviewers commented on that too.

    Here are my lips after reapplying the lip tint & gloss once, and then wearing them for couple of hours. If you zoom in, you could see some nasty patches of ickiness on my top lip, which I'm assuming are tint/gloss leftovers from the first application. But I think from a reasonable distance it is not as noticeable, and lets face it, how many people will get in our faces to examine our lip gloss? Regardless, it is still disappointing that there is some residue left, since it's not like we can quickly exfoliate our lips before applying lip stain again.

    Which brings me to another point, the staying power. It is OK, nothing special. The first time I wore this duo, I felt like it stayed on for a long time but every time I wore it afterwards the staying power was mediocre. Couple of hours max maybe, although it survived light eating and drinking. The gloss stays on much longer, and does give my lips a nice finish but since the gloss in itself is pretty transparent I want some color too. Hence reapplying the lip tint, and having to deal with 'residue'. (I did try to wipe off as much of old gloss as I could, short of crazily rubbing my lips)

    Lip Tint, together, Lip Gloss

    Here you can see very well how the lip tint applies, and this is exactly the way it goes on my lips. Thankfully lip gloss is there to fix things.

    So overall I am pretty happy with this product, even if I have to call total BS on the non-drying lips part. The lip stain dried my lips out like crazy, it almost felt like they were stretched. Pretty uncomfortable feeling I gotta say. The reason why I am happy, and why I'm obsessing over it right not is because of the end result which I think is simply gorgeous. And because this product proved to me that I too could wear brown lip products, and opened the door to explore new stuff.

    I am happy that I got it, but I can't bring myself to recommend it to anyone at a full price. If you have been wanting to try Tarte products for a while, and you see a set that has this Rise & Shine duo in it, by all means get it. I think that would be the best value for your money, plus you'll be getting other stuff to try too.

    What do you think? Have you tried any Tarte products?

    Just for fun, here are my EOTD.  Just a simple look, this is what I usually do when I don't want to bother with fancy eye makeup. The eyeliner is Urban Decay, don't remember the name but I got it at TKMaxx when they had lots of UD for sale.

    I love how eyeliner color matches my glasses! That particular shade of red is one of my favorite colors :)

    ~ Lyuba