Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beautiful Shoes Will Take You to Beautiful Places Sunday #2

Hello my Lovely Readers,

I've missed the last two Sundays because I've been so busy with the schoolwork, but now that the workload is off me, I'm back! Today I present to you my all time favorite boots! You might be wondering why boots, when it's super hot outside but the weather in UK is so unpredictable that it could be hot today and really cold tomorrow. 

I bought them online last year, and let me tell you buying shoes online is a gamble! One time I ordered 3 pairs of different shoes, in exactly the same size and one of them was too small, one too big and another perfect. Go figure. These were perfect and I was ecstatic because I really didn't want to return them!

These shoes took me all over Ukraine on my first-ever-since-I-moved-to-US-trip-back! That was 9 years I didn't see my homeland! And after hours and hours of walking, my feet were not hurting at all! Ok, they were tired but not as hurting as when you wear uncomfortable shoes. I literally went a whole day in them (a whole like 12hr day) of walking around places and they were so comfy. Now I wear them when I go on long shopping trips and I want to look good but comfortable. Sorry, no fugly tennis shoes that American tourists are so known to wear for me.

They also match everything! Just check these photos out. The first two are from Ukraine, and the other shows how good these shoes look with kimono.

Wearing traditional Ukrainian shirt here :)

They are by BC Footwear and called Under Oath. Unfortunately they are hard to find now, because otherwise I would also get the beige pair. What I like about this brand, aside from their shoes being very comfortable, is inside on every shoe they have a little saying. On these they say "BC because all that glitter is gold". I used to think that it was standard saying for every pair of their shoes, but I have 2 other pairs and the sayings are different! Yup, I went shopping for more and I'm about to buy another pair... :) (hope they will fit, since I'm ordering online)

What do you think about my favorite boots?

~ Lyuba