Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UD Naked Palette: GET ON THE LIST!

Hello Ladies,

Today just got a whole lot better. Remember this post about UD Naked Palette being slightly redesigned and released? Well looks like Urban Decay had kept their word and started contacting people who put their names on the list to be notified when Naked Palette becomes available. How do I know you might ask? Because I was one of those people who put my name on the list :) And I just got an email few minutes ago. And I also ordered me a Naked Palette!

As you can see only those people on the list are able to purchase the palette, and probably not even all of them but some. So I would say it is worth putting your name on the list, since looks like UD will be contacting those people first. Or you can just wait until new Naked Palette hits the stores, whenever that will be.

From the image it looks like I will be getting one of the old Naked Palettes (without a brush), and I only paid $44 instead of $48, but I honestly don't care. I want the eye shadows, and everything else I already have from different brands.

Are you on the list? Or will you plan on waiting till it appears in stores again?

~ Lyuba

Trendsetting in Tokyo Looks

Hello Ladies,

My mood is a little better and I've finished cropping my photos, so to celebrate such an occasion I will do a double post today!

I finally put aside Stila's Moscow travel palette and naturally picked up the Trendsetting in Tokyo since I'm obsessed with almost everything Japanese. I will do an actual review tomorrow, but for now here are some looks I created with this palette in the past few days.

Yup, that's the same hat as seen in my flapper makeup look
First time I picked up the palette and was pretty excited about trying it... but I wasn't so excited about actually using it. I am not really happy with this look, but my makeup buddies at work liked it quite a lot so maybe I'm too hard on myself?

Used the cheek color here, I think it's pretty natural looking

Since the colors were not applying as well as I hoped for, I decided to go for a simpler look by only using the lightest colors in the palette. I added a little bit of black for the accent. Again, it turned out MEH :(

This is my favorite look but it also took the longest to create. I'm not very fast in putting makeup anyway, but with this it felt like it took FOREVER! The color just wouldn't blend! Not a good thing in my book. 

So what do you think? Should I keep trying to come up with looks that work using this palette?

~ Lyuba

Meet My Kitties: Mittens and Echo

Hello Everyone,

I'm feeling a bit down today for no apparent reason, enough to not want to do anything makeup related :( I've been trying to edit photos for couple of posts for a few days now to no apparent progress too. So in order to cheer myself up, I will talk about something that makes me very happy, aka my kitties. :)
Echo & Mittens, 3 and 4 mo old
Be warned, the post is very IMAGE HEAVY :)