Thursday, January 20, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette redesigned?

Hello Ladies,

Today I got a very nice email from Urban Decay in regards to their much sought Naked Palette. I am super excited about it, however I really don't see their reasoning... They can't make 24/7 pencils fast enough? How about just admitting that they can't make Naked Palette fast enough or more likely they are keeping the supply low so EVERYONE would want one? (But we can't say that now can we? ) I'm sure there are many more fans out there who would just take the Naked Palette and forget all about the pencils. But whatever it takes to get this palette out on the market I say, and if they would much rather replace the pencil with a brush and charge a little more, then go for it. All I can do now is wait for it to be released.

 You can see the email above. I am very excited about the news and I hope their "couple of weeks" is indeed couple of weeks. I will be buying it right away so I wouldn't miss out on it again.

~ Lyuba


  1. fingers crossed your palette comes soon! i got one of these before christmas (but with the 24/7 eye pencil) and I love it! im sure you will too :)

  2. I agree! I didn't have money to buy one when I saw it in store, and when I could buy one it was sold out everywhere :( :( :( But really I prefer the brush anyways, because I rarely use pencils. I'm a felt tip liner girl :)

  3. I couln't get a hold of one anywhere either, and then one day me and my mam went shopping, and whilst in debenhams, i randomly turned the corner and BAM! it was right there staring straight at me! i have never moved so fast! haha. So i think it was a stroke of random luck!

    Oh, I just gave you two awards, here's the link if your interested:

  4. I would've waited to get it with a brush if only I knew! I've always wondered if their brushes are any good.

  5. We share this obsession, it was what I wanted for Christmas too and I thought I was too late. Another blogger let me know during the week that they were going to be on the Debenhams site at some point this week and as I was working away from home my husband kept checking and ordered it as soon as he saw it! I have just had an email to say it has been dispatched and I can't wait. I hope you get yours soon too. Have clicked over from your confessions on Modesty Brown - no wonder your husband wont let you cut your hair any shorter it is the most beautiful colour, lucky you!

  6. Debbie, you got super lucky and I'm jealous :) Lets hope that it will get released pretty soon :)