Friday, January 21, 2011

Stila: Make an Impression in Moscow Review

Hello Ladies,

Well today was a pretty INTERESTING day in terms of customer service experience... you can get a hint of what's going on if you are following me on Twitter. I even considered writing a LONG angry rant post about it, and I probably still will but later. When I'm not as angry and I can think straight and I can write something that will not resemble a crazy angry post. 

Meanwhile I will talk about something that makes me happy. Like makeup, or more specifically Stila Make and Impression in Moscow travel palette. 

I recently received it in the mail after hunting for it for some time. And really, no matter how much I talk about how I am a Ukrainian and not Russian, I still wanted it for one specific reason: it is inspired by Russia. And because before I get anything Ukrainian, I probably will find something Russian so gotta take what I can get.

From left to right: Matryoshka, Nadia, Chill, Mink, Lily
This palette consists of 4 eye shadows and 1 convertible lip/cheek color. Honestly, I don't really see Russia in this palette, except Chill and Mink which I pretty obvious. When I think Matreshka I really don't think that color, I imagine something bright and red. Then there is a Nadia, and I don't get the naming for it at all. With the rest of them, the names are either objects or something associated with Russia. Nadia is a name (my Mom's name as a matter of fact), and yes it is a Russian name but what's the association? Nadezhda Krupskaya is the only Nadia (short for Nadezhda) that I can think of right now lol. I don't even have any thoughts on name Lily, since as far as I know it has no significance in Russian culture (but I of course could be wrong). Unless it's a name again. But enough of my cultural ramblings, and on to the review.

I did not like the eye shadows in the pan,  in fact I would have probably not picked them up if I've seen them separately. But when I applied them I was instantly in love. It is almost as if those colors were made for someone with my coloring. You can see the FOTD below for what I mean.

Mittens making sure I'm taking good photos.

The eye shadows are very pigmented and apply very smoothly. This is my first time trying Stila and so far I'm pretty impressed. Each one of them has tiny gold sparkles and I attached lots of photos where I tried to capture that. My favorite color is Matryoshka, it is such a nice light peach color. Nadia is the most disappointing out of the bunch because it takes a lot to get a good coverage from it. Chill is gorgeous light blue color, light enough to be a nice accent color but not bright enough to be in-your-face. Mink is a pretty warm brown, I used it blended with either Matryoshka or Nadia, or on the crease. Lily is a peachy-pink color which could be used on lips or cheeks. I doubt I will ever use it on lips since I like to think of it as a blush rather than a lip color.

The staying power is very good for the eye shadows. I applied them over e.l.f. Mineral Primer and they lasted me a whole day without any fallout or creasing. I never used cream blushes, but Lily was very easy to apply and blend, and looked very natural on me. However it felt a little sticky, and didn't last the whole day. I'm not sure exactly how long it lasted because I don't take any makeup with me to work, but I would say a good couple of hours passed before I noticed that it was gone.

Below are photos of me wearing all of Moscow colors. I wanted to do a look that will stand out, since most of colors in that palette are pretty neutral. I think I succeeded by putting Chill around all the other colors.

 I love how green my eyes look, and the natural looking flush I get with Lily. It's almost like a toned down version of bronzer specifically for my skin.

What do you think? Have you tried any Stila Travel Palettes?

~ Lyuba


  1. Those colours work really well with your eyes.
    I bought one stila palette like this in the summer but to be honest, I pretty much never use it. The colours in this one are beautiful though and I love their convertible colours.
    Can't wait to hear the rant...I love rants lol

  2. Really cute on you!
    I actually orderedt this palette from Sephora, but they emailed me that they didn't realize it was out of stock :(
    I hope to get it soon though! SO pretty!

  3. Alicia, you're too funny :) But I shall oblige, because I love reading rants too.

    Leslie, oh no! Sephora was the only place (other than overpriced on Ebay) that sold this one :( :( :(

  4. Don't know if I could carry off Chill but it looks very very pretty on you.

  5. You have such beautiful eyes! The colors look very pretty on you, however I think the brow shade is a bit too warm... x

  6. Ruthy, Chill is surprisingly not bright if that's the word? I think of it as a very "tame" blue, so maybe you could be just as surprised as I was. I also didn't think I could carry it out.

    Rocaille, you have such a beautiful name!!! And thank you :) I love when the green in my eyes is more apparent than grey, and I think I found the perfect "helper" in that - makeup haha :)

  7. lovely palette :) and thanks for the swatch too. I love the look you did with it.

    just found your blog and now following you ^ ^ I must say that you have a lovely blog

    Hope you drop by my blog too ^ ^