Monday, May 30, 2011

My Nail Polish Collection

Hello Ladies,

Some of you might have noticed that I never have any nail polish posts. The reason for that is because I get my nails done every 3 weeks with gel, and the only time I use nail polish is to paint my toe nails. I'm sure most of you will prefer not see photos of my feet lol, so as a result I choose not to do any nail polish posts.

However, that doesn't mean I don't have any :) My collection is by any means as large as some I've seen, but it slowly but surely increases. This is how it looks right now. I've realized that I'm missing about 5 polishes, but I can't find them anywhere :( I'll add them as soon as I locate them.

- Sally Hansen Instan-Dri Fast Dry Nial Color in 20 Pronto Purple - I love the big brushes, they make it so much easier to apply.

- CoverGirl Boundless Color Nail Polish in 555 Luxe Lilac - I think this is one of the first polishes I got. I always seem to go for 'safe' light colors as my first, since I'm so TERRIBLE at applying nail polish.

- Eyeko Lilac Polish - got it as free with purchase. I have to admit that I haven't used it yet.......

- Eyeko Rain Polish for City Nails - free with purchase too. I actually really like the color, but I'm not too impressed with how it just peels off. Maybe it has something to do with the undercoat I'm applying?

- Barry M Nail Paint in 294 Cyan Blue - it is a lot darker on the nail than it appears in the bottle.

- Barry M Nail Paint in 309 Strawberry I/C - pretty pink :)

- Barry M Nail Effects in Black & White - I love crackle nail polishes! I'll be getting myself the rest of the colors too :)

 These are my most recent purchases.

- Wet n Wild Fastdry Nail Color in 229C Ebony Hates Chris - I just love the name.

- Wet n Wild Fastry Nail Color in 238C Party of Five Glitters - it was instant love. I'm wearing it right now over the next polish and it looks oh so sparkly!

- Wet n Wild Fastry Nail Color in 234C Hannah Pinktana - you can go subtle with this one, or build it up (at least 4 coats) for a color as intense as in the bottle. I'm wearing it right now actually with sparkles on top lol.

- Wet n Wild Fastry Nail Color in 235C Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire - I probably should mention that these polishes do dry very fast, which is very important for me. I HATE waiting around for polish to dry!! 

As you can see, my collection is rather small. I barely have over 20 (counting the ones I can't find, IF I ever find them that is). And without realizing, I somehow ended up with whole bunch of purple shades! Me, who loves red, red and more red! I didn't even notice till I put them all together. Guess I need to go shopping for different colors.

So how big is your collection? Do you event want to admit it lol? :)

~ Lyuba

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