Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sleek PPQ Me, Myself, and Eye Look #5

Hello Everyone,

As I was saying before, I'm on the mission to use the shades from Sleek's Me, Myself, and Eye palette that I would not normally use. So for today's look, I randomly selected two shades that I think most people would probably not put together. But I am me, and something like that never stopped me :)

I think my makeup matched the "nice" fall day here in UK, or at least it matched my mood which was just ok. I felt like dressing up and going early Christmas shopping for the family because we're ALWAYS late with our gifts and I decided to NOT be late this year! So there! Gifts will go out early lol.

I actually have GOSH lipgloss on, but because the day was so fugly pretty, it looks like I have nothing on.

I didn't realized, but Supernova matches my sweater exactly! That made me happy for some reason. :) And I also want to know why is that dark green called Blue Monday? I don't see it as blue, I see it as very dark green. Am I crazy, or is my lightning playing tricks with me?

What do you think? Would you try this shade combo?

~ Lyuba