Friday, November 11, 2011

Sleek PPQ Me, Myself & Eye Look #4

Hello my Funky Readers,

I have a pretty boring look for you today. Well, boring by my standards that is ;P

I actually wore this look twice in a row, but I didn't take any photos the first time because it was so FUGLY outside I didn't want to deal with it. Guess what? Today is also super FUGLY, but today I felt more up to messing with my camera settings. My husband will be proud, since he is always complaining about how I won't learn my camera.

Turns out, I really don't like these shades! They are great in terms of application and lasting power, but I'm not partial to these particular colors. It could be because every other shade in the palette is overshadowed by that "letter Z in reverse" that's right in between this green and lavender.

Which shades should I use next for a look?

~ Lyuba