Monday, January 17, 2011

Holiday Haul

Hello ladies,

I consider myself a pretty patient person. If not, how else would you explain me being able to buy cosmetics and not use it for a while, even if wanting to a lot. I have some stuff that I bought back in November but have not touched because first I wanted to use up some existing things I have, and now I need to take photos before using it. I'm talking about Benefit's Her Name Was Glowla set, but it is not pictured because it is not technically a part of my holiday haul. 

Holiday season is a crazy time for my family because our birthdays happen in December, then of course Christmas and New Year, and then our anniversary is on January 3rd. This year is a little bit less crazy because my husband is away and I'm all alone with cats (and all they care about are some yummy munchies), plus he got a big gift that combined birthday, Christmas and anniversary gifts so I didn't have to think hard about what to get him. So I got some stuff for myself instead haha. Or asked for cosmetics as a gift.

On my birthday (December 27) I met up with some friends at Bluewater mall but little did I know that it is THE infamous Boxing Day. I was told that it is the equivalent of US Black Friday. Well either way, it is also my birthday and I was determent to do something fun and going shopping is always fun in my book. Even if I had to drive for over an hour and dodge crowds. But anyways, enough of my ramblings. I wanted to try Frontcover makeup for a while, and this set was 1/2 at Boots so I figured I had a right to pick it up. I swatched some eye shadows while getting ice cream with my friends, and we were totally impressed. Now I just need to work up the courage to take more detailed photos and review this, so I could be freeeeeeeee to use it.

 Sigma Complete Kit with Brush Roll in Pink
I got a giftcard from my in-laws... which could only be used in US. This is a whole separate rant that everyone who knows me already heard all about. Anyways, after trying to use it in Bluewater with no success (I had to try!!!), I decided to go the trusted route of ordering something online. Sigma had a sale on their brushes at the time, so I ordered Complete Kit with Brush Roll in Pink, which I probably would have never ordered if I had to buy it myself. Can't help it, as much as I understand the need for good brushes I just can't shell out $80 at one time :( I got the set in pink, but I do not see it on the website anymore so maybe they discontinued it.

tokidoki Robbery Palette
Remember my rant about some websites not shipping to APO addresses? The stuff you see from now one are the ones I really, desperately wanted from Sephora but had no way or ordering them myself. So I gave a list to my brother of stuff I wanted and he got me all these stuff!!!! I think I'll do that from now on, just give him a list haha so he doesn't have to think so hard. :P So here is tokidoki Robbery Palette which I really really really wanted. I don't have any idea who tokidoki is/are, some kind of Japanese cartoon? (speaks the person obsessed with Japan) Nor do I really care. I've heard the name before, but other than that I had no idea about them. But when I came across their makeup range on Sephora I was blown away by the cuteness! The box is metal too! :) And the design is so cute :) Ok, I'm in a cuteness overload happy land right now.

Stila limited edition Travel Palettes
Ever since I saw these I've wanted the Russian palette. Yup, because I have Russian in me. Too bad for me though because it was sold out everywhere except Sephora. I could get Tokyo and Aspen on but why would I order from there when Sephora had 4 of them, including Moscow? So my brother got them for me :) They are sooo cute in person, although smaller than I expected. If I like these enough I will hunt down the other two on eBay, for collection purposes.

Yup that is my kitty trying to steal some makeup ;P
Tarte Bronze Smoky Eye kit
I've been wanting to try Tarte cosmetics for a while, so I just added random stuff to my list. Actually I added a LOT of random items, not necessary Tarte, to have some element of surprise but this is what my brother choose for me so I could finally try it. I don't see this set on anymore so I guess they sold out. So far I'm excited about everything except bronzer and possibly the lip stain because it is very brown. But I'm going to try it and see how it looks on me since I never ever tried brown for a lip color.

 Maybelline Instand Anti-Age primer and Sleek Molten Metal
These are not part of my holiday haul, but stuff I picked up on Saturday. I'm very excited about Maybelline's Instant Anti-Age primer because I also ordered an American equivalent of it. I guess it is part of the Eracer foundation line which just now been released in UK (I went to 3 Boots stores, and 2 Superdrug stores before I found it in the 3rd Superdrug) but it had been released in US for a while. I finally ordered myself one with the primer that comes with it, otherwise I would have bought a foundation too. I'm can't wait to receive it in the mail so I can compare to, mostly because shade names and numbers for foundation are different for US and UK. Call me clueless, but I thought that the shade names and numbers will be the same. Guess not lol.

Next is Sleek Molten Metal which I wanted to try ever since I saw a preview of it in December. I had to go to 3 Superdrugs before I found it too! Not much to say here other than I never used cream eye shadows so it will be a new experience to me. 

Have any of you picked up any good stuff lately?

~ Lyuba


  1. Oooh lucky you, that's so much lovely stuff. I'm especially envious of the tokidoki palettes!

    ps that cat stealing makeup photo is cuuuuute :3


  2. Ruth, I have 2 cats and they were circling around trying to get a piece. Especially the black one you see :) She likes to watch me do my makeup and steal makeup brushes.