Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Attempt at 1920s Flapper Makeup

Hello Ladies,

Yesterday was my play with makeup day, although I didn't get around to it until way later in the day. Originally I was planning on doing 2 looks for the BUBBLEGARM's Sigma Make Me Up contest , one pink and one blue, but I also really really wanted to do a black look. Yesterday I only did one look, but tomorrow I'll do the pink look too because that's the set I really really want.

I've been thinking of doing a Flapper inspired makeup look for a while, seeing as how I am obsessed with Flapper hats :) So I researched it a little, found out that white face, dark eyes, small dark red lips, pencil line think eyebrows were all the rage at the time and to work I went. Not everything about this look makes me happy, but for the first time I think it's ok. I'll know what to do different for next time.

Next time I will not go with eyeshadow all the way to my eyebrows, but I did it on purpose. I don't have anything that could completely conceal my eyebrows so I figured eyeshadow will help with that. It did, but it also took away from the more accurate look. So hopefully by the time I do this look again, I will get all the necessary stuff to conceal my eyebrows.

What do you think? When I get home I will update with more detailed photos as well as a list of stuff I used.

~ Lyuba


  1. This looks awesome and definitely reminds me of flappers makeup. I really like that lip colour.

  2. wow this looks amazing! i think you did a really good job :)

  3. Thank you ladies :) :) Maybe I am too hard on myself lol?