Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little about me...

So I finally did it. I created a beauty blog so I can document my British makeup adventures. See, I'm an Ukrainian-American living in UK, and since everything here is new and exotic to me, I love exploring new stuff that I can't get back in US. Makeup is pretty high up there on my list of "new and exotic". I love how I can go to a drugstore and try regular, drugstore brands makeup before I buy it. Back in US (at least where I lived, can't speak for big cities like NYC or LA, etc...) the only makeup you could try is the fancy expensive stuff. As a result, I bought a lot of drugstore brands that simply did not work for me. Can you see that I'm in a makeup heaven now?

I really did not start getting into makeup until I moved here, and even then it didn't happen right away. I blame my lack of friends and excess of free time that finally pushed me to the DARK side. And then few month ago I started reading other beauty blogs and it all went downhill from there. Suddenly my makeup collection expended in what seemed as overnight, but I also became more aware of what's was available out there.

I still consider myself a novice in the beauty department, and this blog will document my journey as I learn about everything that makeup has to offer. :)

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