Monday, January 24, 2011

Pink Pin Up Look

Hello Ladies,

I just sent out my entries to BUBBLEGARM'S Sigma Make Me Up contest so that means it is time to post my second entry. I had this look in mind for a long time, ever since I got the shorts from either River Island or Vera Moda, forgot which ones. They were a perfect pin up shorts, and I had to have them. About two weeks ago I found the perfect shirt and some accessories. All was left to do is makeup itself.

I'm sorry for so many photos, I just couldn't choose only a few. 

The brush set I really want is called "Blush Me Up", so of course the blush had to be very prominent. For eye makeup I used Sleek's GOOD GIRL palette, which don't you think is just perfect for the theme? I had fun with the eye look and I can't even begin saying how much I love those Sleek palettes!

  • GOSH  Velvet Touch primer
  • MAYBELLINE Dream Satin liquid Air-Whipped foundation in Ivory
  • MICHAEL TODD Concealer in Eggshell  mixed with
  • No 7 Instant Radiance Concealer in shade II (but both of them really don't work for me, so I'm still searching for perfect concealer)
  • e.l.f. High Definition Primer
  • COLLECTION 2000 Shimmer & Shade - 1 Pink Me Up as highlighter
  • BOURJOIS Limited Edition Vintage Blusher - Love at First Sight
  • NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Auburn/Red - used Red
  • URBAN DECAY Primer Potion
  • SLEEK Good Girl palette - Lycher, Peach Melba, Papaya and Morello
  • COLLECTION 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in Black
  • WET n WILD Perfect Pair - used black eyeliner on waterline
  • No 7 Exception Definition Mascara - black
  • SALON PERFECT eyelashes - No 23
  • WET n WILD ColorIcon lipliner in 717 Berry Red
  • L'OREAL Colour Riche lipstick in 303 Royal Red
I was pretty impressed on how well the lipliner and the lipstick matched. I got the lipliner few days ago without even seeing the lipstick (I even forgot I had it). Am I good or what? ;P Ok ok, it was just a lucky pick.

My other plan for this look was to do some pin up photos so I could send them to my husband. Oh the greatness of being a military wife ;P It's amazing what I can find in my clothes stash, like these tights. Can you believe my that MOM sent those to me? They stayed unopened for a long time, probably for over a year until today. I do love them though :)

I feel so naughty ;P And I love my shoes :) By Irregular Choice of course, I'm on the quest to get as much of their shoes as I can before I leave UK.

 So what do you think? Wish me luck, because I really want to win this contest!

~ Lyuba


  1. Love it! Gorgeous makeup and sexy outfit! ;)

  2. You look gorgeous. I love that top too!
    Goodluck with the contest.

  3. Your mum is great! She has some interesting taste.

  4. Leslie, thank you :) :) :) I had lots and lots of fun doing it. Next time I'll have to find someone else to take photos though, because 10sec to jump back on the bed and arrange myself into sexy pose is just not enough haha.

    Alicia, keep your fingers crossed for me! :) I love Primark for when I need a quick find of something cute but super cheap. I originally was looking at a top that was selling for $35 online + whatever the shipping, and I wouldn't even know if it fit me. I got this top for maybe $12 (converting from pounds here) and I got to try it first. :)

    Isla, my mom RULES big time! You know she is the main supplier of hats for me? ;P