Sunday, March 20, 2011

GOSH Long Lasting Eye Liners, Lip Markers and Brow Pens

So today I went to Bury St. Edmunds with a purpose in my heart, to buy the newest Sleek palette. Little did I know that I actually forgot my wallet at home!!!!!! How stupid is that? Luckily I had enough change to get me some Starbucks, otherwise I would have been huffing and puffing and driving home angry. With my Starbucks in hand I went on to Superdrug to check out the new stuff. 

I honestly wasn't that impressed with Sleek's Avoir La Peche collection, mostly because the majority of shades are matte. But I will buy it anyways, because I'm a huge Sleek palettes fan and I have to have them ALL. After swatching Sleek's Avoir La Peche collection to my heart contents, I turned around to my #2 favorite Superdrug makeup brand, GOSH. They had a lot of new and cool stuff and I amused myself with swatches while wishing that I didn't forget my stupid wallet at home! :( 

I figured that since I can't buy anything, I'll instead come home, photograph my hand and tell you all about these stuff! 

First we have GOSH Long Lasting Lip Markers. For some reason I could not find them on Superdrug website, nor on GOSH website.... I believe they were £5.99 although here they are listed for £6.99

Aren't they pretty? I am very tempted to get Red, Berry and Chocolate. I believe all GOSH cosmetics is currently on offer 3 for 2. The bottom two shades are Max Factor Lip Tints new shades. I don't remember their names, nor do I think I would recognize them if I found the names online. 

I also swatched  all of the Long Lasting Eye Liners, but again I couldn't find any on the websites. GetGawjus actually posted a picture of one of them, and also said that those will not be released till April.... so maybe that's why. However, they are present in my Superdrug, so they could be present in yours too! 

Correction: Black Brass and not Black Blronze
I could't remember the names of middle two shades, but I'm sure they are called Purple and possibly Bronze. The rest I'm pretty confident in. I actually thing that these photos look better than some of the colors in real life, namely Green and Navy Blue. I stared and stared at Green but it looks so like Grey to me. Turquoise is not as bright as I would have preferred. If I decided to buy any, I think I'll get Black Brass, Grey, and two nameless shades. .

Green, Black Bronze and Grey strike me as glitter eye liners, because of how much shimmer they have. Obviously I haven't tried them on, but I think you would have to put several coats on to get a nice opaque but glittery look. You can see in some of these photos how much sparkles they have :) 

The last product, and the one I'm possibly the most excited about are Long Lasting Brow Pens. I never tried anything like that before, and I'm very anxious to try them! I think I'll start off with Wheat and see how that works first before buying any other colors. They are also £5.99.

Have you seen any of these on sale at Superdrug yet? 

~ Lyuba


  1. The brow pens look intriguing! Gota check them out soon.

  2. I totally agree! They are a lot lighter than what you would think by looking at the tube, so I think they my work for my non-existent (too light) eyebrows lol. I will be going back (with my wallte this time) and buying some!

  3. The Lip Marker in Pink looks lovely & so do the liners! :)

  4. Vintage Makeup, the Pink one is actually my least favorite based on swatches. If only I could try them on my lips first to see how it looks... If I only had to pick one, I would buy Red.

  5. I really like the look of the pink lip marker too (but I can't wear reds - I always gravitate towards pinks & purples)

    might have to pop into town and check these out tomorrow :)

  6. Those lip markers look so fun! Especially the pink and red ones. I wish GOSH was in the U.S. U.K. bargain brands always really intrigue me.

  7. Ether, I think they are! Check this out: At least you can order online :) Not sure when/if the items above will be available though. Right now living in UK, I buy UK brands almost exclusively. I figured I can buy US stuff when I get back home, or at our BX.

    Vulcan_Butterfly, me too!! Can't wait to go back and buy some of those stuff!

    LisaOresea, Let me know which ones you picked out! I think when I go back, I'll get Red in lip marker, Wheat for brows and Black Bronze for eyes, since they are supposedly having 3 for 2 on all GOSH cosmetics in store. Have to check to make sure though. :)

  8. Ooooh thanks :) I just wish the exchange rate were better!

  9. Esther, me too :( I still get paid in $$$. :( :(