Friday, March 4, 2011

Review: Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Smoother Skin Retexturizing Primer

Hello Ladies,

This Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Smoother Skin Retexturizing Primer (what a mouthful huh?) was very high on my TO BUY list ever since I swatched it in Superdrug. Because it felt so nice and looked so cute :) Yes, I'm a sucker for packaging.... guilty as charged.

I wanted to try this primer with The Eraser foundation, but I just so happened to get me the US version of The Eraser and didn't need the UK one. Would you be interested in me comparing those two (US and UK one)? I already can see some differences in the range itself, for example I believe that US has more shades and they are possibly named differently. And their primer is in the tube instead of cool glass container.

I bought it from Superdrug because none of my local Boots had it yet at the time, but right now both stores have it on sale for £7.99 although I paid the full price of £9.99. Like I said, I was in love with the texture and the packaging. I'm not a fan of luxurious makeup (because of the price tag), but this primer feels very luxurious to me. Probably because of the sheer weight of the container. 

So here is what they say: 
Our gel formula retexturizes skin, creating a perfectly smooth, visibly transformed complexion. Our gel formula instantly lifts and diminishes the look of pores; retexturizing skin’s surface for the smoothest looking complexion – with or without make-up.

And this is what I say: 
First I would like to mention to price. £9.99 for a measly 7ml when normally primers come at around 30ml (or is it me who just happens to buy those at 30ml?) is a little steep in my book. Just to illustrate my point, the US equivalent of this primer comes in a 27ml tube. What's up with that Maybelline? 

I love the gel formula and it is clear in color, so you can't see it on the skin once applied. I had a lot of fun photographing it because the texture was coming out sooooo nicely.

See? You can't see it all, but it is there! And not even blended.
I applied it with a brush from this set by dipping the brush in the primer and then transferring  it to my face in circular motion. I have to dip it in several times to get the coverage I like, especially paying attention to the nose area since that's where my foundation usually looks the worst. 

This is NOT how much I use for my whole face. I dip it in several times
I didn't notice any visual difference in my complexion after applying this primer but then it's not like I have a lot of wrinkles and large pores yet. But my face did feel very smooth and nice to touch. However, my face feels exactly the same when I use GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer. They are both very similar in consistency, except GOSH one is more runny when Maybelline is more solid.

The foundation glided on top of this primer very smoothly and lasted the usual amount of time it lasts for me - the whole day with minimal powdering on the nose throughout the day. I also cannot comment on how it would feel for someone with dry or oily skin, since I have a normal skin. I do believe that it might be better for dry to normal skin because it felt very moisturizing.

Overall I am impressed with this primer, but I will not buy it again. Why? Because to me GOSH Velvet Touch works in exactly the same way and for £12.99 I get 30ml of product vs. £9.99 for only 7ml with Maybelline. Yes, it lasts a long time and a little goes a long way, but so does GOSH and at 30ml it will last a LOT longer. 

What do you think? Have you tried Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Smoother Skin Retexturizing Primer? 

~ Lyuba

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