Saturday, June 11, 2011

Go get yourself some Benefit!

One thing I will miss about UK are all kinds of magazine freebies. US magazines really should take notice, I'm telling ya! Every time I go out, I make sure to check out the freebies, and pick up ones that catch my attention. Usually I'm pretty laid back about the freebies, mostly because I either don't know the brand or don't care for those particular items.

Not this time. Every since I've read that Glamour will be doing Benefit freebies, I HAD TO HAVE THEM ALL. Because sadly I would never be able to afford them otherwise :( Knowing that everyone probably had the same idea, I woke up super early on Thursday... no, not to go get me some Benefit goodies, but because I had to give a speech in my class and I wanted to be ready. I got all dolled up and practiced my speech till I almost had it memorized and left extra early to class so I won't be late. BUT on my way to class I had time to stop by my tiny local Coop and pick up the magazines. The look I got from cashier when she saw that I was buying 3 identical magazines was priceless, but I didn't care since I looked fabulous and she must have been jealous of my Benefit stash.

So the point I'm trying to make is go get yourself some Benefit! It is such a great opportunity for anyone to try these products without breaking the bank. For my US readers, this is what I essentially got if you want a set.

Have you picked up your Benefit freebies? Which ones? Or did you go crazy and buy all 3?

~ Lyuba


  1. "Because sadly I would never be able to afford them otherwise" Aw I know the feeling! :(

    Obviously you know I'm in the US, but I have a friend in the UK willing to get them for me! I just really want the high beam :)

  2. I will pick up Benetint for one of my friends, she is Greek and always has a problem with blush not showing up. So I think Benetint will be perfect for her :) And I might pick up extra ones for me. :) :)

  3. I keep hearing about these freebies from magazines in the UK from other beauty bloggers! I wish we had these in Canada!

  4. Vulcan_Butterfly, I wish they had them in US too! Because eventually I will be back in US, and I will miss the freebies. :(