Friday, June 3, 2011


I've been hunting this baby for the past couple of month. Ok, not entirely true. I wanted to buy it when I first saw the ad for it in my local Superdrug, but it appears they don't sell this kit. Not like they sold out, but as in we-didn't-make-enough-space-for-it-on-our-display way. Then last week I saw it in Norwich and I simply had to get it.

Here is what they say: 
The ultimate brow kit containing three brow powder shades that are easy to blend and match, a wax cream to fix and shape, an applicator and brush and a built in mirror to make it easy to use anywhere.

Here is what I say: 
I was so excited when I got it that I even took photos right away. I know that it's the thing to do, and many bloggers do it already but I opt for not using the product instead of taking photos... I know it's sad lol. Now that I've used it every day for over a week, I have some mixed feelings about this kit.

For £7.49 you will get three brow powder shades, a wax cream and an applicator/brush (although right now it is on offer at Superdrug for £6.49, as well as 3 for 2) which I think is a pretty good deal.

I like that GOSH Brow Kit has three shades instead of two like I've been used to with NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. Three shades offer more choice to pick from, however it will not work for everyone since there is only one kit available and there is no other choices. I feel that the shades are rather cool, and I would say this kit will work for a lot of people. I found that the lightest shade worked the best for me, although it turned out to be surprisingly darker once applied than what it appears in the pot. I'm no expert, but I think it might be too dark for some blondes. I haven't used the darkest shade because it is plainly too dark for me, and you can see medium shade here.

From the left: Light, Medium, Dark

As you can see, the shades are rather cool toned, which brings me to my one (big) problem with this kit. I don't think it works for redheads! Maybe I am completely wrong, but I think I need something a little warmer.. maybe even slightly auburn. Sadly this kit doesn't offer that.

Other than that, the powder applies great, stays great and doesn't budge. My eyebrows are very well behaved, so most of the time I don't even bother with the wax, but if I have to use it I only apply the tiniest amount. Can you tell I'm so upset with this kit that I can't even find words to type? I want to love it, but I can't because of the shade choices. If GOSH ever comes out with a version for red/auburn hair I would snatch it up right away and probably love it to death... but who knows if that will ever happen?  

As it stands right now, I will not re-purchase, but I will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice brow kit and who is lucky enough to match it. I definitely will not recommend it to redheads or to very light blondes (unless you like the look of light hair and dark eyebrows).

So what do you think ladies? Have any of you tried this kit? Am I too harsh on my eyebrows color?

~ Lyuba

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  1. Haven't tried this kit, but it's too bad it didn't work for you! I am interested in it though.

  2. I ended up buying the urban decay brow box a few months ago in ginger snap! I thought the colours looked good for me, but they are far too auburn! I found it at a discount. I wish I'd got this and you'd got that and then it'd all've worked out great haha.

  3. Vintage Makeup, it's a great kit... if it was my color LOL.

    Ruthy, I think we need to trade. :)