Sunday, July 10, 2011

Recap of 7 Day Palette with I'm Getting Sunburned

Hello my Funky Readers,

Today I got the greatest thought, and that is to recap the 7 Days Palette looks! Some people like to do use a particular palette for 7 days, and then put all the looks up in the same post but as you all know I'm physically incapable of doing that. Instead I like to show you a separate look in each post. But then who would bother looking through lots of posts just to find that particular look? Not me, that's for sure! So having a summary post linking to more detailed posts would solve the problem right?

Well here it is, I'm Getting Sunburned by Wet n Wild summary of all 7 looks.

Look 1 - I actually followed the instructions, meaning I used the shades the way they were intended to be used!

Look 2 - I'm going into more Lyuba-esque style. :)

Look 3 - the same as Look 2, except used pink instead of gold and made the shape more to my liking. Note just how different brow looks depending if it's combined with pink or gold.

Look 4 - Failed FOTD.

Look 5 - My husband called me clown on this one. LOL.

Look 6 - Trying out the same type of look as in 2 and 3, but will all shades now.

Look 7 - this one is Look 3 in reverse, with my favorite way to line my lower lash line as in Look 4. It's an interesting effect and definitely more dramatic than my 'usual' stuff.

It's amazing how many combinations you can come up with only having 3 shades to play with! I could probably go on and on creating different looks, but I got tired of I'm Getting Sunburned at this point. Next one on my 7 Day Palette list is Sleek's newest eye shadow palette Curacao, and I will start with the first look on Monday (I'm not sure I can keep it to 7 looks only though....).

Show me your 7 Days Palette looks if you're doing that challenge yourself. Or maybe you are doing a different challenge, like looks inspired by Disney characters....? (Yup, Ruthy looking right at ya!)

~ Lyuba

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  1. I think look 1 is my fave! Love them all though. :)