Monday, August 8, 2011

FOTD with GOSH Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen in Turquoise

Hello Ladies,

It's been so hot lately that I still can't bring myself to put any eyeshadows on. Instead, I keep reaching for my eyeliners. Today I show you the look I did couple of days ago using  GOSH Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen in Turquoise. I love these eyeliner pens, and have 3 of them.

I accented the look with my favorite Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Gash. Aside from the bottle being not economical and annoying, I love everything about this eyeliner.

 I'm wearing my current Go To mascara, Tarte's Light Camera Splashes and lots and lots of Benefit Posietint. I wanted to make that it will show up on my cheeks! 

What do you think? Have you used any of the GOSH eyeliner pens?

~ Lyuba


  1. The little red line is so delicate, I really want some coloured liquid liners! x

  2. I like your eyeline look. I am very intrigued by your artistic originality. xoxo

  3. AWESOME! I love when people do creative things with eyeliner! I also like that you didn't use eyeshadow, it really makes you focus on the eyeliner!

  4. Ruthy, GO GET THEM! ;)

    Olivia, thank you :)

    Vulcan Butterfly, Thank you :) eyeliner only is my favorite look of late.

  5. wow that looks amazing!! i now totally wanna go buy this product :D