Friday, August 5, 2011

My very First NOTD with Wet n Wild Craze Rustic

Hello Everyone,

You might or might not have noticed that I've never ever EVER do any NOTD posts. The reason for that is very simple, I am extremely, to the point of hiding, self conscious of my nails.  I've been a nail biter for years, starting with kindergarten, and I remember teachers and kids calling me out on it and making fun of me. This whole thing continued way into high school when I briefly stopped for a year or two, but then I started dating one total dufus and nail biting came right back (and that's when I figured out it must have been stress related). Fast forward several years, I broke up with him and stopped biting my nails again unless I'm under severe stress. Now I have to REALLY watch myself, making sure I have no broken nails or snags or ANYTHING that would make me want to pick and bite. I carry a whole arsenal of nail files in my purse so that if something happens, I can quickly file my nail and trick myself in to NOT biting. Let me tell you, school work overload is not good for my nails. :(

Another reason why I'm so selfconcious about them is because I naturally have small hands, with short fingers, with short nails. Well I sure can't help it there and I could blame genetics, but what would that do? So instead I'm slowly starting to accept my nails for what they are, short and square :) And finally the third reason is because I'm TERRIBLE at applying nail polish! I always get those annoying bubbles, and I think I know why they are there (because I apply too much polish, but I haven't mastered the art yet). It's ok though, I've been using nail polish off and on for couple of month and I'm getting better with the application process. There is still hope for me yet! :)

Anyways, here is my very first NOTD with WetNWild Craze nail polish in Rustic!

Usually our base store is behind on everything and anything, and not surprisingly they didn't even have a display for these. I found this polish randomly out of place among other Wet n Wild polishes and made sure to grab it. I think in US you can get these from Walgreens and whichever other places sell Wet n Wild, but unfortunately I don't even know if this particular range is still available.

I love this shade! It definitely lives up to its name, except better because it has sparkles! :) This is how it looks after 3 days of wear, without top coat (I choose not to apply top coat, because all I have take too long to dry and I haven't gotten around to getting the good one yet). As you can see, there are no chips and the color is gorgeous!

Two coats or Wet n Wild Craze Rustic

My only complaint is the bottle. While I think it is so stinking cute, the brush is just too short and it makes it hard to apply. I much prefer Wet n Wild less cuter, but more user friendly FastDry polishes. Even so, if I had access to these I would buy more in a heartbeat!

What do you think? If you're in US, have you tried any of these?

~ Lyuba


  1. i love this shade. And i'm so glad you posted this, i'm exactly the same! I've always been a biter so have always had really awful, short, gross nails, but finally went cold turkey on nail biting (i was inspired by all the lovely NOTD posts in blog world) and i finally (kindov) have nails! I think you did a really good job, it looks very neat and even. Whereas, whenever I do mine, I make such a mess that I may aswell dip my hand in a bucket of paint haha. I honestly still have no idea what i'm doing and posted my first NOTD recently too. Sorry I rambled a bit, this post made me excited, i'm not the only one, yey!

    Alice x

  2. I like this shade. It's quite unique. <3

  3. Your nails look fine! I LOVE this shade on you :)

  4. I've never been a nail biter but I am a cuticle biter/picker and also nail polish picker offer as well! So I relate. I have the opposite hand size problem, I am only 5 foot 4 and I have hands as big as my dads! And my ex-boyfriend. They are men! Ah! Haha.

    Anyway, lovely nail polish for you. I love that deep red you sent me :) xx

  5. Yup, this range is available in the U.S. I've never tried it, though! This color reminds of one I have by Milani called Bijou Bronze. xx

  6. Pretty Wonderful, no you're definitely not the only one. I'm glad my post made you feel better :) I've finally (after years and years) are not ashamed to talk about nail biting.

    Sara H., Thank you :)

    Vintage Makeup, it matches my hair!!!!!

    Ruthy, I'm so uber jealous of your nails, I have to not look at your NOTD photos sometimes :P :P I'm glad you like that polish, Wet n Wild has a lot more deep reds in their collection if you ever want to do a trade again :)

    Esther, is it STILL available though? Try it then! I think there are a lot of very gorgeous shades in it! :)

  7. Neat colour! I am in the process of becoming a reformed nail biter. I think it's like quitting smoking, it's hard to do!