Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sleek Caribbean Curacao Love #5 Inspired by Obi

Hello my Funky Readers,

Today's look was inspired by one of the obi that I will own very very soon :) I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and I can't wait to get it so I can create some ensembles with it! I see so much funky potential there ;P Of course Sleek Curacao palette had just the right shades for what I had in mind.

Photo taken by Naomi

I'm using two of my favorite shades from the palette. I can't help it, I love them so much!

I still can't get the crisp separation down, shades just want to blend and blend on me. But I'm not despairing, because when the eyes are open it's not as noticeable. Ok, it's not really noticeable at all! :)

What do you think?

~ Lyuba


  1. wow this looks amazing! I wish I could do this - you gotta do a tut on this :D

  2. Love it! You've come up with some really neat looks with this palette!