Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pure Makeup GEEKINESS!

I am a huge geek and proud of it, so imagine my excitement when I read in one of the makeup blogs that I follow about Shiro Cosmetics and their Pokemon collection! I am a big Pokemon games fan, that and Dynasty Warriors are the only games that I would ever play religiously (and in general as a matter of fact) and I am glad that there is someone out there that thinks that makeup addicts can also be geeks. You heard it right! Redefining stereotypes all the way! I don't know about any of you, but I always get "the look" any time I go to the comic shop/game shop/etc... probably because I don't look like their typical customer. I don't want to start a discussion on stereotyping, but we all been there, we all know how their "usual" crowd looks like. And I don't look anything like it.... unless I'm dressed in my Red Sonja costume of course ;P

But after reading about Shiro Cosmetics I decided that I need to try all of their Pokemon samples.  They also have Legends collection, which is Legend of Zelda, but it doesn't appeal to me as I never played Zelda.

Also check out interview with the creator. If I was in doubt about trying her eye shadows, I definitely decided to try them after reading it. Now I'm just hoping she will release something Sailor Moon related..... a girl can hope right?

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