Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas look

Merry Christmas everyone!

Even if Christmas was yesterday. But I'm still in the festive spirit, so I can still say it right? Not only that, but Christmas in Ukraine is not till January 7th, so technically it hadn't happened yet.

Sadly Christmas (and all the holidays) are not very festive for me this year. My husband is away and this really puts a damper on things, even with friends readily available to keep me company. So in order to cheer myself up, I decided to do some fun festive makeup. (Lets see how many times I can say word "festive" in one blog post)

I used Sleek SPARKLE palette for the eyes, and I have a mixed feelings about it. I did not expect it to be so matte! So for my look I mixed in lighter pink from STORM palette to add shimmer to the eyeshadows.

I also was feeling rather adventurous and used glitter eyeliner instead of my usual ones (Eyeko Glitter eyeliner). That successfully helped me figure out that I'm not a glitter eye liner kind of girl. Although the quality of the product is amazing.

At first I did very dramatic lips, but then I decided the look was too dramatic for an at-home get together, so instead I put one of Eyeko London glosses on.

On cheeks I used e.l.f. All Over Stick in Persimmon, but since I didn't show up enough for me I lightly dusted it with Rimmel Autumn Catwalk. Much better :) And I love All Over Sticks... but the smell, the smell is TERRIBLE!! It lingered much longer than I would have wanted, and the smell alone put me off enough to never buy them again (although it didn't put me off e.l.f. cosmetics altogether, I have 2 orders coming from them and I'm very excited).

So what do you think?

~ Lyuba


  1. LOVE the eyeliner. Gonna google it to see if I can get it around here somewhere

  2. You could order it from Eyeko, they ship internationally :)