Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UNE Sheer Lips Balm

Hi girls,

I've been pretty slacking on the review posts, even if these are my favorite to read. Mostly it's my hate of taking and then cropping photos, but I'm working on it because there are a lot of products that I've been using lately that I think deserve a review. 

One of these products is UNE Sheer Lips Balm in S03 which I picked up as my 3rd item during Superdrug's 3 for 2 sale (those sales are EVIL for me, I should avoid them at all costs lol). I've been looking at UNE for a long time, but never really picking up anything to try.

I am not too concerned with everything natural deal, but once in a while I do like to pick something up that claims that "100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin", and that "9.44% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming". I thought the organic ingredients percentage was a little on the low, seeing as (it seems) everyone is obsessed with organic now, but that's just my opinion.

Why did I pick this up? I'm not a lipstick or lip gloss person, I own them but rarely use. I am, however, a HUGE lip balm junkie, and I constantly have at least 3 of them on me at any give time. This product is a lip balm that promised to "moisturize and enhance the natural color and shine of lips" so I simply had to try it.

The formula is very moisturizing and the color is light enough that I don't have to worry about a mirror. At first I was, but after checking numerous times in the mirror I decided that I don't need to worry as much. In the photos, the very top right photo is the closes to the actual color, but as we all know it all depends on the lighting. This lip balm might look very dark in the tube, but it goes on very sheer and light. Definitely my lips-but-better color.

The first two photos in the swatches are the closest to actual color. And here it is how it appears on my lips.

So will I buy it again? For £7.99 is a little steep for me, especially considering the exchange rate, but if the brand is ever on sale I will definitely get more. You can find this brand in many Boots or Superdrug stores. I'm also considering trying some other stuff, mostly lip products. The rest of the range just doesn't appear to me, because I rarely like the natural look on anything other than my lips.

Have you tried anything from UNE? 

~ Lyuba

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