Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When work schedule sucks

Hello everyone,

My work schedule is really not great for blogging. By the time I get off at 11 and get home, and unwind by reading the blogs I subscribe to and cropping photos, I have no energy to write anything  useful. And in the mornings, I'll have to get up pretty early in order to fit in a blog entry (and I'm a poor writer, it takes me forever to write anything!). For past 2 days I was planning on writing a review for UNE Sheer Lips Balm, but I will have to put it off until tomorrow (again haha, but I promise I'll write it for sure tomorrow).

Meanwhile, here is FOTD that I had on yesterday.

I wanted to go for something different to what I usually do, so I only put eyeshadow on the bottom lid. I used purple Collection 2000 felt eyeliner and put a dot of their liquid gold eyeliner on top. Not sure that I like it there, because I thought it would show up better.

I used my trusty Sleek SUNSET palette, and this time I was brave enough to use yellow and orange from it (something I avoided doing before). I love those colors! Especially their combination. They blend so well and stand out so much from my skin. Love, love, love!

I used UNE Sheer Lips Balm on the lips by the way :) Tomorrow I'll post a full review on it.

~ Lyuba


  1. I really like that pop of gold under your eyes. It works really nicely with your hair.

  2. Yeah, I agree, this look truly suits you. Pretty. I don't use my sunset palette enough! x

  3. Thank you everyone :)

    Ruthy, use it, USE IT NOW!!! lol ;P