Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glamour Doughnuts anyone?

I've been a very bad Lyuba today. Why you might ask? See, I got myself a doughnut! As we all know, Glamour Magazine is celebrating their 10th anniversary, but little did I know (until I read about it in the magazine) is that Krispy Kreme created a special Glamour Glaze doughnuts. So I've read about it, and promptly forgot because I don't buy doughnuts and I sure don't go to any Krispy Kreme places in UK... because I don't know where they are located lol.

Of course I completely forgot that our own base gets Krispy Kreme and stopping by today I saw those for sale! So I had to get me one of those. :) :) Isn't it pretty and sparkly? Did I mention the SPARKLES?

Maybe it's silly to be so excited about a sparkling doughnut, but I feel like going around screaming I GOT ME A SPARKLING DOUGHNUT! IT SPARKLES JUST LIKE TWILIGHT!

It tasted pretty good too, the glaze that is. Doughnut was just ok lol.

~ Lyuba


  1. I have to be in the mood for doughnuts, if you know what I mean. But I could eat that one no problem, anytime. It's so pretty! x

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  3. Edible glitter is fantastic!

    You can put it on cookies, cake, cupcakes, everything!