Friday, June 24, 2011

GlossyBox Meh............

Today I finally got my first ever GlossyBox.... and I can't tell you how disappointed I am. Now I am probably overly grumpy for whatever reason, and maybe I just make it more of a deal than what it really is... So this is what I got:

This is what GlossyBox promises to give us: 

If you want to regularly receive luxury product miniatures from top brands that fit your care and styling habits, then simply register on our website. The unique appeal of GlossyBox is that as a recipient of the box you can create your own personal beauty profile on our site. This information will help us to choose the right products to fit your needs and tastes.                                    
The GlossyBox will be sent out monthly. In addition to high-end luxury product miniatures, the box contains product information, application notes and tips and tricks about beauty and style.

And this is what I have a problem with: 
Batiste? SERIOUSLY?! Ok, so I love Batiste and will buy it over and over again, but when did Batiste became a luxury item? I don't buy a lot (read: almost never) of luxury beauty stuff because I simply can't afford them, so I was hoping GlossyBox will let me try some stuff I wouldn't otherwise try. But Batiste? I buy that stuff on monthly basis, and I buy a lot of it! And I know I shouldn't expect much for the cheap price, but if I am promised luxury/high-end stuff, shouldn't I get them?

And here is the 'theme' of June GlossyBox:
GET SUMMER READY~ 5 Summer Essentials

Eh, I could probably go on and on complaining about my GlossyBox, but I won't. I don't think what I got in it constitutes as 'summer essentials' but maybe it's just the old picky me. Some of you might disagree and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but after seeing what was included in May's box, I feel very disappointed with June's picks. :( I was really hoping for a face makeup item... :( :(

I HATED the smell of the perfume, but that's hardly GlossyBox's fault, they have no way of knowing my favorite scents. I like the shower gel and I'm looking forward to using it. I also look forward to using BioEffect, that is DEFINITELY something I will never be able to afford otherwise. OPI nail polish is meh too, but only because I'm not much of a polish person. Again, not their fault. So this box is not completely 'bad', but overall I'm disappointed.

I might give it a go for another month to see if I like anything, but as the things look right now, I most likely will cancel the service. Oh, and I'm PRETTY sure I filled out the beauty profile but I can't find it again on their site. Why do they hide it, why?!

Have you gotten your GlossyBox this month? What do you think? Are you happy with it, or disappointed like I am? 

~ Lyuba


  1. I just did a quick search of "anyone disappointed with June glossybox" and came across your blog.. I didn't get a shower gel.. But a lipgloss.. But omg.. The batiste?! Isn't the full size like a few pounds? High end product? Far from it.. I will perhaps go for one more.. And if they throw in one more drugstore brand.. Im cancelling.. I'm defo not expecting amaze products.. But didn't expect a cheapo drugstore product? Nice blog btw..

  2. I almost signed up for the glossy box...I definitely agree batiste...not high end. Still very undecided about whether to go for it or not..seems a bit hit or miss at the moment


  3. LaCarpe, it seemed that one item was different. I talked to someone on twitter and she got a scrub. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some drugstore brands but dammit when I'm promised high end, I want HIGH END! I feel cheated lol. I think I might let it go till August, but I will cancel in September because they will start charging shipping.

    Lianne, it's a great idea, but they need to do what they promised lol. It's only their 2nd box ever too.

  4. I was always skeptical about the whole thing, as I couldn't quite get my head around it. Yes it's a fab idea, but after the NARS in the 1st box, there was no way they could sustain/match their 1st box, and it just proved in this one. Although I am not a subscriber, I do hope their July box is much better, otherwise I can see more people cancelling, and going to this company Boudoir Prive

  5. Oh no such a shame! these samples boxes are just about to hit australia (alot of bloggers have signed up) so we are all very keen to see what all the hype is about... such a shame about the batiste - its quite cheap here too and I wouldn't consider it a luxury item... bit of a fail :-(

  6. Vintage Makeup, I agree lol. Even if I wasn't paying THAT much, still I would like to get what was promised.

    Beautylicious, I think I will give it a go for either 1 more, or 2 more boxes (before they starting to add shipping cost). I signed up for Boudoir Prive on Friday, but honestly I have a problem with them too LOL. I don't like the whole "advertise for us to get your place in line bumped up based on how many people you bring in". I signed up, but I'm not advertising on principle to see how long it will take for me to get one. LOL

    Little Jo, I really hope that all these companies are monitoring good/bad from other companies, so they learn from their experiences. I agree that we as beauty bloggers could be a bit harsh (don't remember where I read it), but still.... regardless, GlossyBox should have delivered what they promised on their web (luxury and high-end).