Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's eve look

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope that the year 2011 will bring you everything that 2010 forgot to bring. As for me, the main thing I wish for in 2011 is to get a job that I would like, and that would like me.

For this New Year's eve I didn't do anything special, I decided not to go to an acquaintance's masquerade party because no matter how much I wanted to dress up, I still didn't know anyone there and I'm sadly not one of those people who can make friends instantly. Instead I went to my friend's house and we had a quiet evening of playing video and board games.

However, regardless of me staying home or going out, I decided to have fun with my makeup. Recently I've been obsessed with Sleek's SUNSET palette, so I used it again to create this look.
I'm having a pretty bad hair day here, guess it's time for a trim.

I used SUNSET palette on the top lid, and STORM palette on the bottom lid. Then I decided to get adventurous and put Eyeko glitter on top of blue eyeshadow, and Collection 2000 gold liquid eyeliner on top of red. For lips I used my "pirate" lipstick, called that because I bought it specifically to go with my pirate costume (but it is actually by Clinique).
 In order to fix my bad hair, I used my old trusted method of choice - I wore a hat!

I think the  hat and glasses definitely toned down my look, but I still rather like it :)
~ Lyuba


  1. The look goes really well with the hat and the glasses, you look very smart x

  2. It's the lips I'm telling ya! ;P LOL glasses and hat is my almost-everyday look :) So does that mean I look smart everyday? *just made myself laugh with that statment*